That nasty watermark isn't going to be on my print is it?

No.  The big, ugly "" watermark will not be on your prints or merchandise.  Don't bother trying to crop it out!  The "printmark" mentioned in the shopping cart is a discreet handwritten artist's signature, like the one below.  You can see it in the bottom right corner when you select "Edit Crop" for items while in checkout (it doesn't show up in the initial crop dialog).

Untitled photo

What are the pixel dimensions of the digital downloads?

The exact pixel dimensions of downloads are auto-magically calculated by SmugMug, so you are guaranteed to get the promised number of pixels. For example, a 3000x2000 original will come down as 1226x817 at 1MP, or 2450x1633 at 4MP.  A 5000x4000 original will come down as 1119x895 at 1MP, or 2236x1789 at 4MP.

The Hi-Res 4MP download price is ridiculous!

Sorry, but the 4MP download is priced to compete with an 8x10 print.  I would much rather you buy a print, but am trying to accommodate the digital world we live in.

Note also that for some of my images, 4MP is nearly full resolution.  If the 4MP download isn't offered, it means the original image is smaller than 4MP.

Can I get a full resolution download or a commercial license?

Please contact me directly if your needs for a digital image go beyond the personal use license that is offered here.

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